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To better Albuquerque through art, music, and literature.​​

2017 Music in the Community: Afternoon of music for Barelas Senior Center 

Our Vision

Duke City Creative's vision is to strengthening our community through 37 annual programs in alignment with art, music, and literature to meet unmet needs in the Duke City. 


More About Us

Duke City Creative is a state and federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, founded in January of 2017 and based in Albuquerque, NM. Duke City Creative seeks to benefit the community through the facilitation and enhancement of creativity specifically relating to local art, music, and literature. We acknowledge the need for defining, and preserving the beauty and creativity of Albuquerque and the importance of facilitating, nurturing, sharing, and growing together. Recognizing that change starts first with the individual which in turn creates a stronger, more unified community, Duke City Creative places special emphasis on networking with like minded business & individuals to create positive social change through art, music, and literature, which has a lasting, permanent impact on the immediate community.  

Duke City Creative defines the nature of support we bring to the community. The people in the Duke City who are served by our programs include the elderly, schools, hospice, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, developmentally disabled facilities, drug rehabilitation facilities, shelters, correctional facilities, and any other established programs whose vision is in alignment with the vision of Duke City Creative.

Chessa Peak, Founder and Director of Duke City Creative, Oversees and directs all aspects of planning, scheduling, program development, and daily operations. Chessa is a current Business Major at the Central New Mexico Community College with a minoring in Entrepreneurial Business and has  managed the daily operations of several bars and restaurants in the Albuquerque metro region from 2003 till 2017. Our Board of Directors consists of Blake French as Treasurer, and Coleen Benavidez as Secretary. As we grow, other positions will be assigned and appointed as needs are determined. 

Our vision at Duke City Creative is to create programs, and raise funds that will benefit the Albuquerque Metro Region. All of our profits stay in Albuquerque and benefit Albuquerque. We believe that change is felt strongest closest to home.

This is why Duke City Creative's motto has become, "Live Duke City, Give Duke City."

 By recognizing unmet needs in our immediate community which fall into alignment with Duke City Creative's vision, we are able to enrich the culture and future of our community!

DCc is a networking collective of like-minded individuals dedicated to cultivating, nurturing, sustaining, and creating positive and lasting social change in Albuquerque, NM through music, art and literature. Join us and together, we will grow a stronger, kinder, better community to be felt and seen for generations to come.

We are the change we seek, we are pride in each other, we are DUKE CITY CREATIVE

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