Our Programs 

It is through our 3 guiding principals, art, music, and literature

that we develop our community programs 

  • Music in the Community : Brings 3 hours of live music for one afternoon 24 times a year to the less fortunate parts of our community such as our struggling senior centers and youth recreation programs. Economic hardship and lack of resources can make it next to impossible for struggling families & impoverished neighborhoods to experience live music. Music has been shown to “directly enhance mood, bolster immunity, motivate people, reawaken pleasant memories or distract from unpleasant realities.” (Wilson G.D.(2018)). Music has the power to heal and enrich our lives can bring hope and inspiration to those who desperately need it and for some this can be a powerful and life changing experience.

  • Legacy  a 6 part video series created to preserve the legacy of those who have significantly helped shape New Mexico music and remain unrecognized for their contribution and are ready to pass on. Legacy seeks to record, document & preserve their legacy for future generations to learn from. Videos will be digitally archived on on Duke City Creative's YouTube channel 

  • Art Supplies for Albuquerque At Risk Adolescence  is an annual art supply drive that selects one of Albuquerque's most deserving schools to receive art supplies for the entire school year. Please visit our home page for full details on this years program. 

  • Literature Series Duke City Creative seeks to create 6 annual literature based events developed for the needs of our community such as poetry events, write lectures (ie:Releasing Grief through writing), self help discussions, recovery based workshops and various other literature related events. 

Do you see an unmet need in the community? Do you wish to become part of our planning and efforts?

Please contact DCC and become a part of the change we all wish to see. 

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